Manufacturers of Asbestos

Manufacturers of asbestos products have known for decades th at their product was harmful. Unfortunately, these companies concealed rather then disclosed what they knew about their products and the injuries that their products cause. But corporations have enjoyed a special type of immunity that shields them from criminal prosecution. After all, the argument goes, how can you put a corporation behind bars? You don’t.

Yet the Supreme Court decision in Citizens United which legally gives the corporation the same legal status as people for the sole purpose of lifting the caps for corporate political campaign spending which allows corporate spending for legislation that protects and promotes corporate interests without ever making the individuals that control these corporations criminally responsible for their actions. Many consumer rights advocates have proved that many manufacturers of asbestos actually knew of it’s dangers but concealed this information from the government and general public.

Notwithstanding, under current law, you still have the right to pursue and recover damages from both asbestos manufacturers and its distributors. Juries have awarded millions of dollars to individual victims of Mesothelioma and their families. In fact, some of these companies have been ordered to set aside trust funds to compensate victims and their families.

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