Legal Claims For Asbestos Injuries


If you have developed asbestosis or mesothelioma or even if you have been exposed to asbestos but have not yet contracted a disease, you may be entitled to compensation assuming you can prove your case in a court of law.

There are strict time limits within which you must make your claim and these limits vary form state to state. It will be critical that you prove you were exposed to asbestos and establish the location of that exposure. This is a specialized area of the law and it will be crucial that you hire a qualified attorney who has the knowledge and resources to successfully prosecute your case.

Individuals who suffer from these diseases can recover both economic and general damages such as out-of-pocket losses like medical expenses and lost earnings and for pain and suffering. Their families can also recover compensation for the loss of their loved one. Even people who have been exposed to asbestos but have not yet manifest symptoms of the disease may, under limited circumstances, recover damages.

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