Attorney Fees On Vehicle Property Damage

Attorney Feess On Property Damage Claims

If you have suffered property damage as well as personal injury as a result of the same accident, some attorneys may agree to pursue your property damage claim on the same contingency basis; charge you by the hour, or not charge any fee whatsoever for settling your property damage claim.

However, ordinary property damage claims, which do not include a personal injury action, are often handled on an hourly rate basis. The acceptable hourly rate for such work ranges from $200 -$300/hour. It is important to note, however, that resolving your property damage claim does not always require a lawyer. See what the adjuster offers and prove the value of your vehicle (if it’s totaled) based on the same year, model, mileage and equipment. Kelley Blue Book is an excellent resource in this regard. Remember you are entitled to receive the fair market value of your vehicle from the insurance company.

Whatever the arrangement, you should insist on a written fee agreement that reflects what you and your attorney agree upon and it should be signed by both of you.

In states like California, personal injury attorneys customarily do not take a fee for assisting the client resolve their vehicle property damage claims where the attorney is also representing you in your personal injury claim.

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