Car Accidents – Accident Reconstruction Experts

The most common accident giving rise to a personal injury claim is the car accident. Car accidents vary in severity. A person in a low speed accident can receive major personal injuries while a person involved in a high speed collision can walk away unscathed.

This area can be quite complicated necessitating the use of an accident reconstruction experts who testify to such things as speed of vehicles at time of impact and the positions of the vehicles at the time of the accident. They may not however testify as to ultimate opinions such as who caused the accident or whether or not any of the parties suffered injuries.

Accident reconstruction experts are considered “hired guns” in court cases – they tend to either testify for the plaintiff or for the defense. Most smaller, low value car accident cases, those without severe injuries, tend to get litigated without having to retain the services of such experts which can often cost many thousands of dollars. While their testimony is not per se bought by the party retaining the expert – those on the inside of the litigation business know it’s not far from it.



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