Dealing With Stress – Helpful Trouble-Tips

Ways To Manage Stress

We need to first calm ourselves down.

It’s important to unwind. Each person has his or her own way of relaxing. Some include deep breathing, yoga, meditation, hemp, and massage therapy. If you can’t do any of these just take some time to sit, listen to calming music. 

We need to make real time and space for ourselves.

It’s important to care for yourself. Think of this as an order from your doctor, so you don’t feel guilty! No matter how busy you are, you can try to set aside at least 15 minutes each day to do something for yourself, like going for a walk, or calling a friend to have a cup a coffee.

We need to let our mind and body rest – that means sleep.

Don’t let anyone make you feel bad for sleeping. Sleeping is a great way to heal both your body and mind. Your stress could get worse if you don’t get enough sleep. You also can’t fight off sickness as well when you sleep poorly. With enough sleep, you can tackle your problems better and lower your risk for illness.

We need to eat healthy.

Try to fuel up with fruits, vegetables, and proteins. Good sources of protein can be peanut butter, chicken, or tuna salad. Eat whole-grains, such as wheat breads and wheat crackers. Don’t be fooled by the jolt you get from caffeine or sugar. Your energy will wear off.

We need to keep physically active

Getting enough physical activity not only helps relieve tense muscles, but helps to elevate your mood Your body makes certain chemicals, called endorphins, before and after you work out. They relieve stress and improve your mood.

We need to be in communication with friends.

Talk to your real friends, the ones that have always been there for you. They can be old friends and family members who have known you for a long time. Friends are good listeners. Friends will let you talk freely about your troubles and feelings without judging you. It also helps to hear a different point of view. Friends will remind you that you’re not alone.

We need to deal with stress in healthy ways. That means keeping away from drinking too much alcohol, using harmful drugs, smoking, or overeating.



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