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Obtaining a personal loan for legal fees and unexpected expenses is common when you’re in legal trouble. Legal fees vary and can depend mostly on the type of legal and financial trouble you are facing. This article provides you with possible options and what you need to know before making your choice of legal lender and/or discount legal plans.


Discount Legal Plans

Prepaid legal plans are made up of lawyers that serve the legal needs of consumers going through life-changing legal trouble. For small monthly fees around twenty-dollars a month, you get unlimited access.to lawyers on most major topic areas such as: bankruptcy, eviction, wills, trusts and estates, contract and property disputes, immigration, breach of warranty, name change, Medicare and social security disputes, restraining orders, noise complaints, nuisance, traffic violations, criminal matters, small claims advice and much more. Your lawyers will also review and draft documents make legal phone calls on your behalf, and are available to address your legal questions. If certain services are not covered under the plan they are still available to members at highly discounted rates.    

Consumer Beware: Tips On Using Fast Loan Lenders

Many financial lenders can get you approved for a loan in as little as 24 hours. They are known as “emergency lenders.” While their interest rates can be high, they do offer fast access to cash. Many lenders do not require that you own property to qualify or that you put up collateral. All of the lenders, however, do require some level of creditworthiness.


The pawn business dates back to ancient Rome. Today, there are over fourteen thousand pawnbrokers nationwide. Last year pawnbrokers transacted over thirty-five million loans. Pawning has long been a source of capital for people in times of need. Pawnbrokers lend money on items of value ranging from gold and diamond jewelry to musical instruments. Typically, loans are paid out at a rate of about one-third to one-half of the price the broker can expect to receive for the sale of the property.

Car Title Loans

Every day thousands of vehicles are converted to cash. A car-broker evaluates the value of your car with the intent of reselling to a consumer or another car dealer. Caution must be taken. Most car-brokers purchase cars for less than wholesale blue book value. While car-brokers are expensive to do business with, they can come up with the cash fast.

Cash Advance Pay Day Loans

These businesses provide fast short-term cash at high-interest rates. Learn the details of how these consumer lenders work and how you can calculate fees and interest. PayDelay loans have their own niche markets and you need to check their interest rate, and terms and conditions.

Life Insurance Cash-Out Services

Most life insurance policies contain a present cash value and that is what you are borrowing against. If you qualify, you may be able to cash-out of your insurance policy depending on accumulated the value the policy by way of premium payments. Your life insurance policy is an assignable legal instrument that means you can sell your policy in exchange for up-front cash. The buyer of the policy receives the death benefit in exchange for the cash you receive and will continue making your premium payments until your death.

Vacation Time-Shares – Cash-Out

If you own a vacation timeshare and need to pull out money to pay for unexpected expenses, there are financial institutions that will refinance your timeshare in the form of a signature loan and, in most cases, the interest rate will be several basis points lower than whatever the resort is offering. Learn your options in this very fluid market.

Personal Injury Lenders 

If you suffered a personal injury, you may be able to obtain a loan against the expected recovery in your personal injury case. Assuming, of course, the defendant in the case is legally responsible for your injuries and there is sufficient insurance to cover the economic and general damages your lawyer is claiming.

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