Car-Buying Resources

We have compiled some important resources that will help you with your on going research. Among other things, learn about the Kelly Blue Book and what consumer reports says about the car you’re considering: – This is the Kelly Blue Book official web site. This site is very useful for determining retail, wholesale and trade values for used cars, as well as new car pricing, tips & tools – One of the leaders in the industry, this site is very helpful in determining new and used car prices – this is a subscription site only, however, there is very valuable information available: new car prices, comparisons, crash ratings, quality ratings and more! – A very useful web site for comparing different makes & models as well as getting invoice, MSRP and a reasonable price to expect to pay, new cars only. – A great source to find out what price range a specific used car is selling for, as well as other useful resources and information. – A good source for new and used car pricing and comparisons. – Powered by the MSN network, this is a good source to price new & used cars, loans, and insurance – An on line lender for all types of loans and all types of credit. – An on lender that boasts 15-minute approvals and can help all types of credit. – An on line lender that can help with all different types of credit. – Offers a free credit report, since your interest rate is determined by your credit rating, this could be useful information.

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