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Losing A Job

Sometimes losing a job can turn out being more of an opportunity than a crisis. This article focuses on the growth of online vocational education and how a change in employment status can lead you to a more financially satisfying and meaningful career.

With respect to educational pathways, we are now seeing major changes take place in both how we develop our vocational skills in order to meet the changing needs in our society, as well as fulfilling our own economic goals and lifestyle preferences.

Higher education is becoming less traditional, less like something we have to do after completing high school and more like something we want to do, like building a useful skill-set that will prepare us for a truly useful and meaningful vocation.

Online Vocational Training May Be Your Best Option

There are major changes taking place in not only how we learn, but when and where we learn. Online learning and job opportunities are allowing people to learn from their home as well as work from their home.

Public Education Online Learning And Vocational Training

Even community colleges are transforming the way they deliver instruction. In California, for example, all state community colleges are in the process of developing virtual campuses. Today, more then ever, we are seeing distant learning modules that are not only more comprehensive, more time-flexible but also less expensive than traditional in-class learning.

Private Education Online Learning And Vocational Training

It was private online learning that spurred the explosion we are now seeing in public online education. Many educators believe that because private education has had more time to refine their virtual learning methods, they are better able to offer the online student a more superior and relevant learning product.

Private online educational resources are more vocational-based then what is currently offered in public online courses. Less philosophy and liberal arts and more career-specific training such as computer coding, mechanical design, medical record management, and many more skill-development offerings that can quickly prepare a student to enter the workforce straight from their home office.

As private online learning platforms grow and improve, the economics of learning become more desirable for both the student and the institution. Teachers can teach to hundreds of students at any time, while every online learning resource is designed for an on-demand learning experience that fits the student’s time schedule and financial needs.

Buyer Beware – Trump Trouble Alert

Like in any industry, there are those businesses that are more concerned in making a quick-buck and less concerned with offering a useful and quality education to their students. You will need to do your own research on which educational provider offer and deliver what you need in order to satisfy your career goals. Be suspicious of organizations that promise a career that will make you millions. For example, you might want to investigate the reviews on Trump University, before spending thousands of dollars on tuition fees. In 2017, Trump settled lawsuits against Trump University for $20,000.000.

Online Course Marketplace – Reach Out

There is a big world out there full of change and opportunity. Over 93% of our population end-up losing a job or multiple jobs in the course of their lifetime. In truth, losing a job says more about a changing economy and an outdated educational system, then it says about you as a person and your potential.

Here are just a few online opportunities you can consider:

Market Research Analyst: 

Average Salary: $61,000

Cost Estimator:

Average Salary: $58,000

Public Relations Specialist: 

Average Salary: $54,000

Speech-Language Pathologist: 

Average Salary: $69,000 (Can be 30% higher if bilingual English/Spanish)

Nurse Practitioner: 

Average Salary: $89,000

Computer Systems Analyst:

Average Salary: $79,000

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