Need A Job. What Are The Top Job Search Sites? Q&A

Q. I have been searching for a job for over eight months. I must have sent out over two-hundred resumes. I have been using mostly CraigsList under their local categories for both full and part time jobs. I think its time to branch out. I am looking for some resume help as well. Any recommendations?

A. Absolutely. But first you need to know that despite what the news reports are saying about the 2013 job market, the fact remains that finding a job may take you between six-weeks on the short side, to two years or longer on the high side – even if you are diligent in your search efforts.

The first order of business is to make sure that your resume is as good as it can possibly be. There are online resources that can help you make your resume more compelling to prospective employers. Here are few examples of these kinds of sites:

Resume Assistance Websites: The following resume assistance websites have been popular and effective for both short and long-term job searches.

Popular Job Sites: The web has hundreds of popular job search sites. You may want to consider using a different site rather then relying only on Craigslist. Here are a few of the more popular job search sites:

Non-Profit Sites: Your qualifications may be suitable for a job in the nonprofit area which has been gaining momentum in recent years. Just because the job category is “non-profit” does not mean that you will be underpaid or will be required to work for free. Consider that your job skills might be suitable for nonprofit organizations. Here are a few popular nonprofit sites:

High-Tech Websites: If you job skills center around technology, whether it be programming, hardware, marketing or sales, you might want to consider targeting your employment search to high-tech job sites. Here are some popular high-tech websites you may wish to explore:

Green Jobs: If you are a environment conscious person, you would do well to follow your passion in your job search. Here are a few Green Job sites you may be interested in exploring:

Temporary Job Sites: Until you can find that perfect full time job, you might also want to consider focusing on part-time work. It is not unusual for a part-time job to lead to a full time one. The key is staying positive and being able to demonstrate your work skills in front of as many people as possible.

Volunteering Resources: Here is something most job seekers fail to recognize: giving of yourself, especially in rough times, can often result in getting what it is you really seek for yourself. The old adage of “what you give to the world is what you end up receiving from it” has a great deal of truth. While you are job hunting, consider working for a cause that inspires you and watch the universe begin to come to your aid. Here are a few volunteering resources that might inspire you:

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