Divorce Tips – Moving & Relocation Terminology

AMSA – The American Moving and Storage Association. This is a national trade organization that represents licensed household goods movers and agents. AMSA sponsors a dispute resolution program that offers neutral arbitration to movers and consumers as a means to deal fairly with disputes relating to loss and damage claims.

Additional (or accessorial) services – services in addition to the basic transportation charges. These might include: stair carry (flight carry), extra stop (for additional pickup or delivery), long carry (distance carry), packing and unpacking.

Advanced Charges – charges for others (third parties) who perform work at your request — such as dismantling furniture, preparing antiques for transport, servicing appliances, etc. These charges are added to the Bill of Lading.

Agreed Dates – the dates on which the mover has agreed to pick up and deliver your goods. Under such an agreement, the mover is obligated to transport your shipment with ‘reasonable dispatch’, barring unforeseen circumstances that cause delay.

Bill of Lading – the contract between you and your mover. The Bill of Lading represents the mover’s receipt for your goods and specifies the dates and terms of the move. The information on the Bill of Lading should match that on the Order For Service.

C.O.D. – Cash On Delivery. An agreement whereby the shipper pays the mover upon delivery of the goods. Payment by personal check is generally not accepted.

C.O.P.U. – Cash On Pick-Up. Under the terms of this type of agreement, payment is required at the time the goods are loaded.

Deadhead – A distance traveled with the truck empty, on its way to pick up a load.

Destination Weighing – the weighing of your loaded moving van.

Estimate – the mover’s estimation of the cost of your move. There are both binding and non-binding estimates.

Gross weight – The weight of a moving van with your shipment loaded.

Guaranteed dates – these are dates on which the mover guarantees that your goods will be picked up and delivered. If the mover fails to provide the service on either of these days, you may be entitled to compensation.

High-Value Article(s) – these are items of high value (above $100 per pound) that are specified in the documentation relating to the move.

Inventory – a detailed list of the goods to be moved. This document should include descriptions of the condition of your possessions prior to their being loaded.

L.O.L. – Left Off Load. Goods that couldn’t be accommodated in the removal vehicle. Overflow. These are subsequently picked up by a second vehicle.

Linehaul – the transportation charge relating to your move.

Long Haul – a move that covers a distance of more than 450 miles.

Order for Service – a document, filled out prior to your move, that describes the services you have requested This document may be amended, with mutual consent, prior to the move.

Order Number (Bill of Lading Number) – the number you and the mover will refer to to track your shipment while in transit.

Origin Weighing – the weighing of your moving van unloaded, and then once loaded with your goods.

Proprietary Transportation – transportation of goods by their owner

Reweigh – a second weighing of your loaded truck, after an origin weighing has been performed.

S.I.T. – Storage In Transit. Refers to the temporary storage of your possessions in a carrier’s storage facility, between pick-up and delivery.

Short Haul – a move that covers a distance of less than 450 miles.

Tare weight – The weight of the truck that will transport your goods. This weight may include another shipment already loaded.

Tariff – a carrier’s list of prices for services relating to the transport of goods.

Valuation – describes different levels of liability that a mover will assume when transporting your goods. Valuation, while a form of protection, is not the same as insurance.

Van – a moving truck, big or small. A tractor-trailer may be referred to as a ‘van’.

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