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Going through money trouble like wage garnishment, creditor repossession and dealing with debt collectors may lead you to consider filing for bankruptcy. As a debtor you have important legal rights. Filing for Bankruptcy could give you a fresh start by temporarily or permanently, preventing creditors from collecting debts from you. While bankruptcy remains on your credit report for ten years, it is important to consider all of your financial options before making your decision.

Mounting Debt – Repayment Strategies – Determining Priority Debts 

Dealing with ever-mounting debt is emotionally overwhelming. You may not have enough income to meet current family obligations or afford retaining a lawyer to respond to creditor lawsuits and your world can seem like it’s coming apart. Learn how to make a plan and get into action.

Getting Sued By A Collection Agency

Most collection threats are exactly that. Threats. Only a tiny percentage of collection agency threats result in the filing of a lawsuit. However, if you are served with a Summons and Complaint, consider it serious business.

Debtor’s Rights

Can you correct wrong information in your credit report? What can you do when collection agents harass you? What is debt consolidation? Can you stop a wage garnishment? Can creditors repossess something you bought on credit? What should you do if a creditor sues you?


Should you file for bankruptcy? What is the wild card exemption. What debts will be discharged? What is a “Chapter 13 Wage-Earner’s” plan? What is a confirmation hearing? Are student loans dischargeable? Learn what happens when you are injured, out of work, and forced into medical bankruptcy.

Feeling Depressed About Debt

Living in debt and struggling to keep yourself and your family above water can cause major stress, worry, family instability and in some cases lead to chronic and severe depression. Learn how to avoid letting your personal finances damage your sense of well-being and the important relationships in your life. Debt and divorce usually go hand-in-hand. If life changes are putting you into post divorce depression reach out and locate a qualified therapist. Sometimes antidepressants can help you deal with short-term moderate-to-severe depression and can be prescribed by your general medical practitioner.

Money Saving Strategies – Avoiding Bankruptcy

How well people survive money trouble also depends on how well they can economize and how often they can substitute costly items for less costly ones. The goal is to reduce your monthly payments, especially on credit cards. Do this well and often enough and you can save a substantial amount of money every month and move one step closer to financial stability. If you are in need of legal aid or discount legal services visit our state directory for more information.


What is foreclosure? Learn about Judicial verses Non-Judical Forelcosure. Learn the legal process and how to legally redeem your property in judicial redemption and non-judicial redemption proceedings. See whether you can live in the home during the foreclosure process. Learn about the notice of trustee sale. Consider whether your property is financially worth saving. Learn about deficiency judgements. For local information see your state foreclosure laws. Always consider negotiation at every stage in the foreclosure process. Don’t let the stress of foreclosure lead into depression, here is how you can take care of you emotional well being. Finally, if you are in need of emergency shelter, visit our state directory of emergency services.

Credit Counseling

Learn about credit counseling and debt consolidation. Sometimes it’s hard to get a grasp of your overall financial situation. Many people are unfamiliar with the process of budgeting and, unfortunately, unrealistic about what life adjustments will be required. Learn about online credit counseling and the process of creditor negotiated reduction of interest rates.

Child Care – Financial Assistance For Low Income Families

Learn about state child care assistance programs that are funded through the National Child Care and Development Fund which is a national program that assists low-income families.

Emergency Lenders

Finding a money lender to cover legal fees and unexpected expenses can be a daunting task. Legal fees vary and can depend mostly on the type of case you have. Some types of lawyers require a fee before commencing work on your case. If you need immediate money for lawyer fees or bail, we can help you find a lender.

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