Medical Marijuana Glossary

 Marijuana Glossary Of Terms

Black Gold: High-potency marijuana sold at medical marijuana dispensaries and clinics.

Black Hash: Strong hashish usually associated with black resin. Currently hashish is allowed in most permissive marijuana states.

Bomber: Slang term used to describe a fat marijuana cigarette.

Bong: Usually a water pipe used to smoke marijuana and is supposed to be easier on the lungs.

Boron: A trace fertilizer necessary for the healthy growth of organic marijuana plants.

Bowl: A unit of measurement relating to one marijuana serving from a pipe.

Brick: Roughly one kilogram of marijuana.

Cannabiniods: These are chemical compounds and elements found in THC.

Cannabis: Also known as marijuana, weed, hemp, pot, ganja, reefer, and a hundred other slang descriptions, many of which are contained in this glossary.

Cannabis Indica: One of two principle strains of the marijuana plants – indica and sativa. Each have their own unique effect.

Cannabis Sativa: Known as the opposite strain to Indica, it is one of two major strains of the marijuana plant – Indica and sativa. Each has their own effect.

Chronic: A term used to describe a particularly potent form of marijuana that is popular in most medical marijuana dispensaries.

Cobalt: A type of fertilizer used for growing organic medical marijuana.

Dispensary: Usually referring to a state approved medical marijuana outlet in which medical marijuana is legally sold. Medical marijuana dispensaries require medical marijuana identification cards, also known as mm id cards or medically approved marijuana prescriptions to access the medical marijuana dispensaries.

Flowering: The act of major and expansive flowering of the cannabis plant.

Gram: The legal weight unit usually describing a small amount of medical marijuana or medically prescribed hashish.

Grass: The most common term used to describe smokeable marijuana.

Hemp: Cannabis stalks and stems. Hemp products are sometimes sold at dispensaries.

Hermaphrodite: A self-seeding marijuana plant including male and female flowers.

High Intensity Light: A type of light, more energy efficient than fluorescent lamps for purposes of growing marijuana.

Honey blunts: Marijuana cigars sealed with honey.

Hookah: A Middle Eastern smoking water pipe that can accommodate multiple smokers at one time. These are sold in many medical dispensaries and smoke shops.

Hybrid: The resultant offspring from marijuana plants of different breeds.

Lid – Slang for roughly one ounce of marijuana.

Medical Marijuana Card: Also known as MJ Cards and Medical Pot ID Cards. It refers to the highly regulated state programs in about thirteen states that legally permit the use of medical marijuana for medicinal purposes. The marijuana card is usually issued by the recommending medical doctor along with a confidential patient identification number that later becomes part of a protected and anonymous database that can be accessed by law enforcement.

Marijuana Plant: Usually referring to the male species of the cannabis plant.

Marijuana Lawyers: A collection of lawyers who are committed to the legal rights of the accused in criminal cases involving the illegal use of marijuana, as well as providing legal advice for lawfully operating medical marijuana dispensaries and clinics.

Medical Marijuana: The term used to describe organically grown marijuana in states that have legalized the medicinal use of marijuana.

NORML: A nonprofit organization set-up and operated for the legal rights of marijuana smokers.

Oil: Also known as concentrates, it’s the high THC resin oil from different types of hashish or marijuana.

Referring Physician: The doctor who recommends the use of medical marijuana to a patient.

Scales: Marijuana measurement and weight device used to weigh out grams of marijuana.

Shwag: Also known as low-grade street marijuana.

THC: The active chemical in the compound known as tetrahydrocannabinol.

Trace Elements: The smaller nutrients needed for healthy marijuana plant growth.

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