Marriage Counseling Process

Marriage Counseling Process

Does marriage counseling require both partners?

There are therapists that will focus on the individual if only one of the partners is willing to seek counseling. However, this is not the ideal dynamic. Both partners must be committed to the relationship. While most trained therapists will perform therapy with just one partner, most believe therapy is most effective when the sum total of the partnership is present and engaged. If this is not possible, it is advisable to first acknowledge and accept your feelings. The second is to keep communication open with your spouse, your children, and your family.

What goes on in marriage therapy?

In therapy there are no set rules. However most therapists will never take sides. The goal of the therapist is to understand both partners and to help them develop effective ways to communicate with each other. Every couple has redeeming qualities. Many times it is up to the therapist to help them rediscover those qualities and strengths. Often it is these qualities and strengths upon which a new foundation of communication can be built. Finally, helping couples learn how to listen to each other and to seek realistic solutions to their conflicts is a central responsibility of family and marital counseling.

Do family and marriage counselors treat just couples?

Not always. Many therapists can treat a wide range of marital and family problems. This can involve the whole family. Most therapists regularly practice short-term therapy. This means that nearly half of their cases are completed within 20 sessions.

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