New England Journal Of Medicine: Marijuana Shown To Increase Panic Attacks….

The February 23, 2017 edition of The New England Journal of Medicine, one of the most respected medical publications of its kind, has provided an eye-opening article on the dangers and risks associated with the use and consumption of marijuana.

Panic Attacks And Psychotic Episodes

According to the article, there is now medical evidence for the argument that regular use of marijuana increases the risk of “panic attacks” and “psychotic episodes.”

Early Use Increases Risk Of Dependence

According to the article, 9% of the people who consume marijuana increase their risk of dependence. In fact, the dependence rate doubles to 18% for those who initiate use before the age of 17.

Impairment – Driving Under The Influence 

The article also demonstrates that being high while driving increases functional and cognitive impairment and therefore increases the risk for being involved in a traffic accident, and when marijuana is used in conjunction with alcohol consumption,  the risk of getting into an accident due to impairment nearly doubles.

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