Lost Your Job? Transition Into Home Employment


Lost Your Job? Transition Into Home Employment.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that nearly a third of all eligible workers today qualify as self-employed professionals or contractors. Advances in home office technology have allowed contract workers, consultants and freelancers to build their own career from their own home.

Even with a declining economy, the growth of online employment services has continued to outpace the rest of the economy. According to labor usage and employment market studies, online employment as has grown nearly two hundred percent in the past four years.

Middle-class workers whose jobs can now be done from their home are finding ways to make it happen. The goal for many workers is to structure ones hours according to ones professional and personal preferences. In many ways, the work-from-home trend is about having more personal and professional freedom.

Online Opportunities

The home-based business sector is growing in importance and offers people with unique online opportunities to work for other or create their own business. Types of online home businesses include providing expert advice in exchange for a stated fee – usually these services charge online visitors by the project rather then traditional hourly billing. Some online experts charge by the minute.Common types of online expert advice include real estate, legal, computer, health and even astrology. Become a freelance writer or be a WordPress developer and help others build their own online business. The options are endless.

Order taking and processing is a growing online field as well. Being part of a remote call center in which you work from your home but get looped into the companies call center system is a growing trend.

Not every employment opportunity is structured around a nine-to-five workday. In fact more and more people are working from their wired homes. Consider something new, you may find it’s more enjoyable than your previous work. Don’t be offended if you need to take a pay cut in the process. The important thing is that you truly enjoy the work you are doing – making a living in your preferred field is not always easy, but if you stick with it, you may be surprised what opens up for you.

Responding Quickly

Being able to quickly respond to a financial opportunity as soon as it arises is a key advantage to home based work. You can take a new meeting anytime from anywhere. The ability to share documents, conference in multiple parties and collaborate in teams, all from the comfort of your home is something that’s hard to place a value on.

Many people have started their online business out of necessity. Now that they have experienced what its like, many are happy with their new career choice and would never think of returning to the traditional office based nine-to-five job.

Our parents used to encouraged us to get educated and work for a successful business or professional firm. That was the old way. Today’s online worker no longer needs to be chained to any particular desk or employer to be well paid.

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