Eviction And Breaking A Lease

Oral Agreements

Read if tenants are bound by rental agreements that are not in writing. Learn how to prove an oral rental agreement and how to write a rental agreement.

Fighting Eviction

Find out if your landlord can evict you if you’ve signed a lease. Learn if there is any kind of behavior that can result in a tenant’s eviction.

Breaking A Lease

Read if you may leave in the middle of a lease if your landlord breached it. Can you find a replacement if you want to move out in the middle of a lease? What if you simply leave?

Month-To-Month Leases

Learn about the differences between leases and month-to-month agreements. Find out, which, if either, is better.

Terminating Tenancy

Discover how much notice you should give if you’re moving out. Learn what it means to owe rent on a “pro-rated” basis.

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