Relocating After Separation – Moving Services

Are moving companies the way to go? We all move from time to time, whether by choice or economic necessity. Whatever the reason for your move, you’ll need to understand what’s entailed in planning all the steps required to get yourself and your household goods from one place to another.

The first thing you’ll need to do is decide how much of the work you’re going to do yourself. Think carefully. Moving can be a very stressful process. Good moving companies can make your life a lot easier by making your move a lot smoother.

Full Service – moving companies pack, loads, drives, arrives, unloads and unpacks. This is the first class way to move. It’s the most expensive and, generally, the least stressful.

Do It Yourself – you pack your stuff, rent a truck, load, drive, arrive, unload, unpack your stuff and return the truck. This will entail the most work for you. Price every aspect of this option; it may not be the least expensive — particularly if you’re moving to another state.

  • You Pack, They Drive – the middle ground. After you’ve packed, moving companies load, drive, arrive and unload. This arrangement may affect the mover’s liability in the event of damage to your household goods; be sure you fully understand the terms of the moving agreement.

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