I Have Medicare – Can My VA Benefits Supplement Cost Of Care?

Q. I am a 88 year old widow of a veteran whose death was a hundred percent attributable to his service in WW II. I am on social security and get a portion of his military pension. But I am in need of going into a skilled nursing care facility and do not know whether my VA CHAMPS benefits will cover my medical expenses.

A. Assuming you have Medicare Parts A & B and you qualify under the Champs VA secondary/supplemental medical insurance coverage, then Champs will likely pay for most if not all your medical costs that are not covered by your primary provider which in this case is Medicare. Usually this means you will only have a co-payment of $50.00/year. This however will not cover you in a board and care or assisted living facility  – but it will cover you for all hospital care (assuming the hospital accepts Medicare) and many skilled and acute nursing facilities. Champs will also cover for long term care and certain types of home care – depending on the primary and secondary coverage you have.

A good resource on VA Champs/Medical Combination Coverages go to The Champs VA Facts Sheet.

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