How Is Bail Set

How Is Bail Set – What Do Bail Agents Do?

Bails bonds are generally set in accordance with a specific schedule and the judge’s discretion. A schedule is determined by a majority vote of superior, municipal, and other judges. Depending on the offense, the bail amount may be fixed in accordance with a schedule; and the arrested individual can post bail shortly after booking for the charge.

The schedule of bail bonds for all bail-able offenses, as it’s known, can be affected by the case specifics. In more serious charges, bail is posted at an arraignment proceeding by a judge. The judge will keep the schedule in mind when determining bail.

However, a judge’s primary concern is for the safety of the public. Bail amounts may be set high or even denied if the crime is particularly serious. In addition, a judge must be convinced that the bail funds were not gained as part of a criminal act. This prevents drug money from being used as bail.

Additional information on bail setting can be obtained from an attorney or bail agent.

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