Open And Closed Head Injuries In Personal Injury Cases

In serious personal injury accidents involving head injuries, there are two major types, open and closed head injuries:

Open Head Injury

Open head injuries penetrate the skull and brain. These types of head injuries, such as a gunshot wound, the scalp, and skull are opened and the brain is normally penetrated by the path of the bullet as it moves through the brain tissue. Because the resulting brain dysfunction is closely correlated to the specific area of the brain that was damaged, the injury is usually categorized as a”focal brain injury.” The open head injury is usually either fatal or results in serious and substantial loss of cognitive function and paralysis.

Closed Head Injury

A closed head injury results from a fall or serious car accident, where the head encounters a blunt and direct trauma. These types of injuries can have horrific consequences as well. Particularly if the trauma causes the swelling of the brain which can cause serious neurological problems and even death.

If you have experienced a closed head trauma resulting in a loss of consciousness and/or serious concussion, it is possible that a brain injury occurred. The symptoms of serious brain injury, include but are not limited to memory loss, headaches, vision loss, speech loss, fatigue, inability to concentrate and personality changes.

In order to determine whether you have suffered such an injury and the extent of neurological damage sustained, it is usually necessary to undergo an MRI scan as well as neuropsychological testing by an experienced neurologist. If you are suffering from one or more of these symptoms as a result of a head trauma, you should immediately seek medical care.

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