Decubitus Ulcer

Decubitus Ulcers, also called bed and pressure sores can develop on areas of the body where the skin overlaps bony areas such as the lower spine, ankle and tailbone. It is caused when pressure is asserted upon the skin and the underlying derma is pressed against the bone causing tissue, ligament and muscle to tare, blister, and breakdown. This is a common condition among the elderly and is often associated with physical elder abuse legal claims.

The severity of Decubitus Ulcers are medically described in four discrete stages, with each stage developing into greater levels of  severity. The picture below illustrates a “stage four ulcer”, the most severe and dangerous of the stages. At this stage, the wound has opened and the muscle, ligament and even bone can is exposed. It is not uncommon for this condition to cause sepsis (infection in the blood) which often leads to death.


Stage Four Ulcer


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