Finding Peace From Divorce – The Yoga Solution

Peace From Divorce – The Yoga Solution


There is an emotional and spiritual impact to getting a divorce. Most believe it’s a time to toughen-up and remove ones heart from the process. This is often aggravated by a legal system that promotes a me-against him or her mentality. But this is not your only path. There are Yoga Centers that can help you remove yourself from the cycle of fear and sadness.

Nothing is needed more in a painful divorce then the lowering of the volume of destructive and hateful thoughts and emotions. This however requires you to be fully conscious of the many emotions swirling around you and by taking action to quiet the mind through the natural therapies and benefits found in the thousands of Yoga Centers across the nation and in local communities.

Purpose Of Yoga – Healing From Life-Changing Troubles Like Divorce

The idea of engaging in the practice of yoga to heal the grief and disappointment that divorce can so often bring may seem strange at first glance. With media and fitness magazines depicting yoga positions performed by beautiful men and women, you might consider yoga is for people without troubles and challenges, but nothing could be further from the truth. Yoga as a form of practice and therapy has been around for many hundreds of years and it provides for deep healing from many different forms of personal crisis including divorce and separation from your loved ones.

Perhaps the first thing to realize is that grief has its roots in love. We grieve because we love and because we yearn with all our heart for its return. Yoga can help us recognize that love and its sudden absence is deeply felt at the levels of body, mind and spirit. In the confusion of divorce we forget that each of these features that make up our life in human form must enter a healing process in its own right. To deny one is to deny a balance that must be obtained in order to make healing complete.

Yoga Centers invite you to go beyond the many stories we tell ourselves when life presents emotional change and challenges. Yoga helps us recognize that beyond the pain and disappointment you are still here with a life to live and love. Just beyond all the black clouds you are awakened to the truth that life has neither ended nor has it been destroyed. To the contrary, there is much joy to be had and nothing will make you know this truth more profoundly then emptying yourself of the past and breathing into a new future. Yoga will help you do this while you regain your balance and heal your spirit and body.

There are many different types of yoga disciplines, programs and centers. This article offers brief descriptions of the most popular forms of yoga and the many centers that offer them:

Ananda Yoga Centers

Ananda Yoga works with developing gentle postures aimed at moving energy up to the brain and body. Anusara Yoga is a relatively new form of yoga and combines body alignment with spirit. The goal is open your heart and connect with divine energy.

Ashtanga Yoga Centers

Ashtanga Yoga is physically demanding and involves deep synchronized breathing with progressive and continuous series of postures designed at producing intense levels of heat sweat. A major goal is to cleanse and detoxify the muscles and organs and therefore body and spirit.

Bikram Yoga Centers

Bikram Yoga aims at providing the yoga student with a comprehensive workout that includes muscular strength, endurance, and cardiovascular workout.

Hatha Yoga Centers

Hatha Yoga is a simple and basic form of yoga and is the desired choice for the beginner. It is said that Hatha Yoga is the foundation of many other types of yoga disciplines. It brings together postures, regulated breathing, meditation and spirit into a comprehensive system that can help one reach higher states of self- realization.

Integral Yoga Centers

Integral Yoga is considered a synthesis of other types of yoga disciplines and combines postures, breathing exercises, meditation, prayer, and the development of a profound reverence of service to others.

ISHTA Yoga Centers

ISHTA Yoga focuses on opening clearing internal energy channels (shakras) throughout the body through physical posturing, creative visualization and relaxation, and deep meditation.

Kali Ray Yoga Centers

Kali Ray Yoga focuses on creative flow and dance-like movements and postures. Kali Yoga is said to incorporate other types of yoga into form and includes posture, breathing exercises and meditation. Like Kundalini Yoga, Kali Ray focuses is on the participants elevation of consciousness and spiritual awareness. It is considered introspective and invites participants to explore and release hidden and blocked emotional and spiritual energy.

Kundalini Yoga Centers

Kundalini Yoga practice concentrates on awakening our core and vital energy which is said to nestle at the base of the spine and when activated climbs upward through the crown shakra resulting in a profound spiritual experience usually leading to enlightenment.

Svaroopa Yoga Centers

Svaroopa Yoga is a very mild form of yoga and is wonderful for beginners who are facing emotional trauma from divorce or other types of heartbreaking life events. It often starts with chair poses and comfortable cushions to rest on while you work out. It’s a goal that can heal us from life’s sorrows and challenges. The goal is to bring about healing peace and joy.

Finally, consider that recovery from loss begins with you. Consider taking the first step by finding a yoga center that seems right for you.

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