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Emotional Support - The Counseling Option

Financial Hardship

The stress and depression brought on by financial hardship and other forms of life-changing trouble can be as much a mental barrier as the life-changing event itself.  Our social and economic status, even our sense of personal value can be shaped by how we see ourselves. Unfortunately, we measure our personal value through the lens of financial success or failure.

If we see ourselves stuck in poverty, we will have already closed the door to the possibility of prosperity. Alternatively, if we can see different ways of approaching our financial challenges, that anything is possible that we can finally be able to break through our financial difficulties and begin the process of rebuilding our financial and emotional lives.

With that said, this still does not explain the difference between those people who are able to escape the grip of financial hardship and those that remain stuck in it for years and in some cases indefinitely. One thing is clear - those individuals in financial hardship that are able to break out of poverty and even homelessness, do so, with the help and support of other people and by using the full range of public and private resources available to them.

Some of these helpful resources are described below:

Emotional Resources – Counseling and Emotional Support Groups

Having a support network of people that can help provide you with emotional stamina to withstand challenging life events and situations is critically important. The key, of course, is to free yourself from old emotional memories that keep you stuck in negative beliefs about yourself and your current financial condition.

Mental Health Resources – Keeping Our Brain Healthy

Mental health resources are those thinking and processing functions that come from that three-pound universe we know as our brain; it is our neural machine that functions very much like a receiver and processor of trillions of bits of information that forms our impressions of both our personal and social life.  Without these neural functions working well, confusion, apathy and lack of emotional stability can easily set in preventing us from moving on with our lives in a constructive and productive fashion.

Without our mind functioning well, it is easy to stay trapped in old beliefs that keep us tied to thoughts of negativity and disabling behaviors. Many types of drug addictions disturb healthy brain functioning and limit our ability to extricate ourselves from depression can deepen our sense of poverty. Follow the link and learn more about the connection between debt and depression as well as the available mental health services that may be available locally.

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Spiritual Resources

This resource is perhaps the most powerful but only if we are able to suspend our belief in what is possible in our lives and distance ourselves from what the mass media instills in us daily – specifically - that wealth and success is a necessary prerequisite to obtaining happiness and wellbeing.

Sometimes, experiencing destitution is the only way to convince ourselves at a deeply spiritual level that the quest for materialism alone is an empty path full of difficult lessons for us to learn. For some of us, living in poverty has been a deeply spiritual experience. In mystic circles, this form of suffering has also been described as the long dark night of the soul and it can awaken our individual relationship with the divine in profound ways. This can enable us to extricate ourselves from poverty entirely.

The spiritual life does not require you to join a church or temple in order to make meaningful contact with your divine nature. It requires that you get in touch with the interior aspect of your life - that you delve deeply into your heart and discover the power of compassion for others, for yourself and for the entire world.  Ultimately, seeking and finding your spiritual essence is itself an act of transformation, recreation, and emotional growth. From emotional and spiritual growth we are able to manifest and experience financial wealth. The process however rarely if ever works in reverse.

Physical Health Resources

The importance of maintaining our physical health cannot be underestimated. Our bodily vessel must be functioning well for us to physically create new opportunities financial, social, personal or otherwise. This, of course, seems very challenging if you are in a state of poverty or have been rendered homeless - but the physical aspect of our lives is connected with both our emotional and spiritual well-being. So do your best to stay physically in shape as you meet your challenges, as you climb out of poverty and build the life you truly deserve and want.

Role Models and Teachers

Knowledge of what is truly possible in our life comes from those we spend our time with and with whom we respect and admire. If we associate with depressed, desperate, and self-destructive people we are inclined to integrate their beliefs and behaviors into our own. To be aware and conscious of when this happens, however, is the beginning of our freedom to choose our own role models and teachers based on what we wish to accomplish in our lives.

The Path of Self-Discovery

No matter where we are on the economic spectrum, whether we are poor or wealthy or someplace in between, we need a support network full of people that can teach us what we do not yet know.  What we learn we can eventually teach to others. We can be a source of knowledge to others. And this is an important point. Whatever we want for ourselves we can have when we are able to first give that to others. When we do this we find the magic behind giving and receiving as one unifying act of love.

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