Federal Crimes And Process


Federal Law And Procedure  Q  & A

Learn what makes some criminal conduct a federal crime offense rather than a state offense. Then discover the many components to the federal crime system including federal prosecutors, federal crime judges and magistrates, federal crime attorneys and more…

Types Of Federal Crimes

Learn about the unique nature of federal crimes and the wide variety of criminal and administrative actions that are prosecuted under federal law…

The Federal Process

Learn about the federal crime process, from arrest to indictment to trial and sentencing. Also learn how a grand jury differs from a regular jury, and how to prepare for a federal crime trial…

Federal Defense Attorneys

Federal crimes defense attorneys normally limited their law practice to federal crimes including white-collar offences. Most state criminal lawyers do not practice in federal court because of the complicated sentencing guidelines and their unfamiliarity with federal rules of evidence and procedure. Learn more about private federal defense attorneys…

Federal Prisons

As of 2015, there were 210,567 adults currently incrcerated in Federal Prisons. This article provides a full listing of all Federal Prisons by State and includes each of their respective websites.

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