Types Of Federal Crimes Tried In District Courts

CriminalInteriorFederal Practice Is Different From State Court Practice

The federal criminal system of justice is vastly different from state court systems where most criminal law is practiced. Federal law is a specialized field that covers a wide range of federal crimes. Federal courts have their own special Rules of Evidence and Procedure. Federal rules of evidence can be quite different from state rules. And federal rules governing sentencing can be so complicated that most state practitioners are simply not sufficiently trained or experienced in federal law to interpret them, let alone defend against them.

Inside the federal court are those lawyers, judges and administrators that make up the workings of the federal criminal justice system. The system is adversarial by design and is considered by most defense lawyers as more sophisticated then local state court systems

A federal crime is a violation of a federal statute. Some federal crimes involve violations of national concern. The types of crimes investigated are conducted by federal agents from agencies such as the FBI, SEC, DEA, CIA and the ATF.

Types Of Federal Cases That Are Tried In Federal District Court 

The list of federal crimes are extensive and include:

Racketeering, Antitrust, Kidnapping, Assaulting or Killing of a Federal Officer, Bank Burglary, Bank Fraud and EmbezzlementBribery, Civil Rights, Counterfeiting, Copyright Matters, Credit Card Related Fraud Crime Aboard  Aircraft, Crimes within the Maritime Jurisdiction, Destruction of Aircraft or Motor Vehicles Used in Interstate or Foreign Commerce, Domestic Security, Election Laws, Fraud of Theft Involving Employee Retirement Income Security Act, Espionage, Violations of the Ethics in Government Act of 1978, Extortion, Falsely Claiming Citizenship, False Entries in Records of Interstate Carriers, Violations of the Federal Aviation Act, Violations of the Federal Housing and Administration Act, Federal Tort Claims Act, Violations of the Federal Train Wreck Statute, Foreign Agents Registration Act, Fraud Against the Government, Fraud by Wire, Fraudulent Practices Concerning Military and Naval Documents and Seals of Department or Agencies of theUnited States, Theft, Robbery, Embezzlement, Illegal Possession, and Destruction of Federal property, violations of the Hobbs Act, Illegal Manufacture, Use, Possession, or Sale of Emblems and Insignia, Interference with Discrimination in Housing, Civil Rights Act of 1964, Interstate Gambling Activities, Interstate Transportation of Obscene Matter, Interstate Transportation of Stolen Motor Vehicle or Aircraft, Interstate Transportation of Stolen Property, Irregularities in Federal Penal Institutions, Kickback Racket Act, Kidnapping, Narcotics Violations, Violation of the National Bankruptcy Act, Obstruction of Justice,  Sabotage, Sexual Exploitation of Children, Theft from Interstate Shipment and Violations involving the Veterans Administration laws.

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