Drunk Driving And Car Insurance


A conviction for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs (DUI/DWI) will not only cost you money in  in fines, court costs, and fees, in most states your car insurance company will be notified of the conviction by the Department of Motor Vehicles.

In addition, car insurance companies not only check the driving record of every new customer they sell car insurance to, they routinely check the driving record of their existing customers. When the insurance company finds a conviction for a moving violation, your premium rates go up.

If you have been charged and convicted, or pled to a drunk or drug impaired driving charge, chances are you insurance company will increase your premiums by as much as 100% or more, or the insurance company might cancel your coverage completely.

Unfortunately, in many states, a drunk driving conviction will remain on your driving record for up to five years. You can expect to stay classified as high risk for at least the amount of time that your driving record shows a Drunk or Drug Impaired driving conviction.

TROUBLE TIP: Drivers who are newly licensed will always face higher insurance rates than established drivers who have been driving for a longer period of time. One way to lessen the blow is to have someone with years of good driving add you to their existing policy. This will ensure your premiums will be lower than having to get your own insurance.

High Risk Auto Insurance

While some insurance companies will not insure a motorist with a drunk driving record, there are reputable carriers who will. But the premiums won’t be cheap. Yet some high-risk insurance companies are less expensive than others.

Compare These High Risk Car Insurance Companies 

State Farm

Geico Insurance


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