Drunk And Impaired Driving – Q & A



Drunk Driving Q & A


Why Were You Arrested For Drunk Driving?

Learn what police officers are looking for when suspecting you of drunk driving. Understand the differences between field sobriety tests. View details about the different kinds of chemical tests used by police to determine alcohol and drug impairment. Know why you were arrested for drunk driving.

Your Fundamental Rights

Learn about your drunk driving rights throughout the entire criminal process. Also view tips on hiring a dui lawyer for a drunk driving arrest, plea bargaining, and DUI jail alternatives.

Marijuana Impaired Driving

Understand the marijuana debate and learn about federal and state marijuana laws and penalties. Learn about medical marijuana and find out if your state allows for the possession, distribution and cultivation of marijuana for medicinal purposes. Locate physicians and local medical marijuana dispensaries. Learn what to do if you are detained, arrested or searched by the police in a medical marijuana state. Learn what to do if you are charged with driving under the influence of marijuana. Know how marijuana use be used against you in a child custody battle.

Car Insurance After A DUI

Learn how driving under the influence will impact your car insurance, what to do if your driver’s license is revoked or suspended, how to obtain your DMV record, and more.

Drunk-Driving Defense Lawyers

Most criminal defense lawyers also practice drunk-driving defense. For some criminal defense lawyers, this is all they practice. Learn the difference. Find out what to ask a criminal defense drunk-driving attorney before retaining one.

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Video: Drunk Driving – Suspended License 

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