Drug And Alcohol Addiction And Treatment


What is alcoholism? Is alcoholism a disease? Is alcoholism treatable? How can you tell if you or someone you know is an alcoholic? Involved in a dui or drunk driving incident?

Drug Rehabilitation

What is drug addiction? Is drug addiction a disease? How is it treated? How is behavior affected by this treatment? Involved in a legal drug incident?

Detox – Cocaine

Cocaine is perhaps the most dangerously abused stimulant in the world. Detoxification from cocaine (including crack cocaine) is often the first step in the drug rehabilitation process. The second step is for the patient to remain drug free upon completing the detoxification process. Learn about cocaine addiction and the types of treatment and rehabilitation services available.

Community Health Centers – Drug and Alcohol Treatment Services

Community Health Centers are community-based patient-directed organizations that serve people that have little or no income and have limited access to basic health care services. Learn about eligibility and locations near you.

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