DNA Paternity Testing – Determining Biological Paternity


DNA paternity testing can determine the biological paternity of a parent. Over the past decade, the accuracy of paternity testing has greatly increased (95-99 %) and the price to obtain such testing has been substantially reduced,  making the cost of obtaining paternity testing affordable to most consumers.

Types of Tests

Blood Type Testing

Blood types on their own cannot conclusively determine the paternity of the father. However, a blood test can be used to determine the biological possibility of fatherhood. Blood typing is not an accurate means of testing biological paternity. For almost certain levels of accuracy, you will need to have your blood or Silva tested.

DNA Testing (Blood or Saliva)

DNA testing is the most reliable and accurate testing possible. It works like this: If the DNA map between the child and the alleged father is not matched, then fathers paternity of the child can, therefore, be eliminated as a possibility.  If the DNA mapping between the mother and her child and the alleged father match the probability of paternity is certain to the degree of 99.9 percent accuracy.

Saliva DNA Testing

Saliva testing (swab) is the least intrusive form of DNA testing and is readily available through the purchase of DNA kits. The DNA process and Paternity Test Kits are described below:

DNA Paternity Test Kits

Today, DNA testing kits can be purchased over-the-counter in most pharmacies or purchased online. If purchased online the DNA testing kit directly shipped to the consumer  The kit includes usually includes three swabs for each participant.  Each participant will swab the inside of his/her cheek three times (three samples are collected per participant) and then each of the three swabs is inserted into one of two protected envelops and mailed off to the lab for testing.  Depending on the lab, most samples once they arrive will take 48 hours to provide you with the results.

For those who wish to use their test results in court, most labs will charge you an additional fee because the chain of custody must be established for purposes of establishing an evidentiary foundation before the test results can be accepted as evidence of paternity.

The cost of Legally Admissible Testing per participant from major laboratories ranges from $350.00 to $450.00 per participant. Non-Legal testing (not provided for court to establish paternity) can be found for under $100.)

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