Divorce Dating Services – Why They Are So Popular

The number of divorces in America keep rising. According to the National Center for Health Statistics, nearly 5o percent of all first-time marriages end in divorce. For men under the age of 45, that number is nearly 56 percent. As if that’s not discouraging, consider that 67% of second-time and 74% of third-time marriages are also ending in divorce. These days, the odds certainly seem stacked against staying married which seems to be working out just fine for divorce dating services. Today, divorce dating services are more popular then ever.

A major cause for divorce is money trouble. The more married people going through money trouble, the more likely the marriage will end-up in divorce. These conditions have created the perfect storm for both online and offline divorce dating services. Say nothing of a less the vibrant economy.

So what makes a divorce dating service so different from other dating services? Most dating industry pundits will tell you that they cater to the specific needs of an ever increasing number of divorced singles by giving them what they want – another chance to find a companion without having to be unfairly judged for having been divorced in the past.

Advantages To Divorce Dating Services – Old Baggage Not A “Deal-Breaker”

Dating someone who’s been divorced is often considered a danger sign – a red flag to be avoided – especially if that person is still going through difficulties with his or her former partner. This is the reason why singles that have never been married will only date other never-married singles. These hopefuls fear they will turn out to be just another rebound statistic. Not so for like-minded people who have survived a divorce and have learned much about their life and their romantic relationships in the process. For many divorcees the process has been a personally transforming experience resulting in a great deal of self-discovery resulting in maturity and wisdom.

At least you know the person your going to date has had at least one serious relationship behind them and there is hope, however risky that might seem, to believe that this person has learned valuable lessons and gained a kinder more open heart in the process. If so, a local dating service has a nice divorced person they would like to introduce you to.

Getting to know new people online can feel a little impersonal even though most of the times dating sites provide very descriptive profiles and photos of their members. The online experience differs from the traditional form of dating because you can learn much more about the person before meeting them face-to-face. This saves time and the possible embarrassment of going out with someone with which you have little in common.

Divorced Dating Service Advice

Here is some good advice for divorced daters. First you need to gain some perspective on the process. When you begin face-to-face dating you will be meeting someone who you have already wanted to meet, you will have already learned about that person’s preferences, occupation, financial status and life passions. The idea here is to relax and go with the flow since you have already reached some level of familiarity with this person. The preliminary foundation to begin a relationship has already been put into place by the dating service.

Perhaps the greatest piece of advice for online or offline divorce daters is not to talk about their previous spouses. This never turns out well. Don’t do it, this is not an appropriate topic at this stage of the dating encounter. You will likely upset someone’s feelings – including yours! Also never refer to your previous spouse as the “X” especially when speaking in the context of your child’s mother or father. Most people find this type of reference to their former spouse highly offensive.

Most divorced dating sites offer an all-in-one price for access to their memberships files. The best dating services are established sites that have been in business for more then five years.

For some divorced daters, dating within their own religious persuasion is an important consideration. Many dating sites now market themselves within a particular religious context and it is why Christian and Jewish dating sites have become so popular of late. Notwithstanding, there are many spiritually centered people who do not consider ones choice in religious belief a decisive factor in determining whether to date a particular person.

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