Communicating With The IRS

Should I Speak Directly With The IRS?

It depends on your tax exposure and whether you really believe you may be accused of criminal conduct.  

Most of the time, you have nothing to worry about. Small tax bills are resolved by working out a payment plan that often can be done online. But if you have any doubt or reason to be concerned, it would probably be wise to speak with a tax specialist before speaking with the IRS.

If your tax bill is high and you are seeking skilled representation to negotiate a settlement for you, there are options:

The Taxpayer Advocate

What is the Taxpayer Advocate? Can they help you with dealing with the Internal Revenue Service? How do you get help from them?

Do I Need A Lawyer In Dealing With IRS?

Should you consult a tax attorney in dealing with the IRS? Are there experts on the Internal Revenue Service?

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