How To Deal With Overwhelming Debt

Eliminate Fear – Get Organized – Get Into Action 

Dealing with ever-mounting debt can be overwhelming. You may not have enough income to meet current family obligations or afford retaining a lawyer to respond to creditor lawsuits . Know that there are strategic actions you can take right now to vastly improve your situation. This require that you remain calm and focused. Sounds unrealistic? It’s not. All you need is a sound financial plan and then stick to it.

Not Taking Financial Trouble Personally

First, put your financial situation in perspective. It’s so easy to believe you’re the only one going through this sort of financial trouble. Not true. Over 45 million Americans currently live below the poverty line. 15 million of our nation’s children go hungry – and a staggering eighty percent of our world’s population live on less than $10.00 a day – and nationally, the gap between rich and poor widens every six months.

Second, take some comfort in knowing there are ways to resolve your financial trouble. There are local public services available that can assist you with shelter, food, and clothing.

Fear Is Your Worst Enemy

But first, you need to recognize that in times like these, fear and stress are your worst enemies.

Feeling guilty won’t help either. There is no time to dwell on the things you might have done differently. Do not fall into the negativity trap. Fear just brings more fear. It stops you cold. Instead, move into action, right now, by focusing on your most pressing and immediate financial needs.

Let’s start by eliminating those collection agency calls calculated to separate you from your money by putting you in a perpetual state of fear.

Putting A Stop To Collection Calls

Put an an immediate end to abusive collection calls.  Here are specific ways to identify and stop  unlawful collection practices.   

Once debt collection calls are under control, the next priority is to develop a strategy that will reduce your nonessential debt from your essential debt.

Choosing Which Debts Require Your Immediate Attention >>>

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