Crime Of Prostitution


is the act of engaging in sex in exchage for money. It
 is also illegal for a person to be soliciting sex, 
or to ask another to engage in a sex act for money. Therefore, 
it is illegal for a person to offer to have sex with
 another for money and it is illegal for a person to 
accept the offer of another to have sex for money.

is a common myth that undercover officers who pose
as “hookers” or “johns” must properly identify themselves
when asked. In other words, many people think that 
if the undercover is asked, “Are you a cop? “, he 
or she must answer “yes” or have the case dismissed.
This is not true. It is not illegal for the police 
to lie.

Defense To Prostitution

 common defense for prostitution is entrapment. While it is legal for the police to 
lie, they may not unreasonably pressure a suspect 
to commit a crime. As an example, a female undercover 
officer cannot approach a potential “john” and say 
”Please have sex with me for $50.00. I need the money
 to feed my starving children.” The police are aware
 of the law of entrapment. Often they will attempt
 to protect themselves from charges of entrapment by
 recording all the dialogue leading up to the arrest.

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