Costs Of Adoption Search – Q & A


Does the cost of adoption vary?

 adoption search and adopting a child, the cost will vary. If the 
child has been born, then the adoptive parents will be responsible
 for all costs associated with the adoption. The agency or family 
law attorney involved will be able to give you an estimate of
the cost in your particular situation.

If the child has not yet 
been born when the process begins, the adoptive parents generally
 must provide for the costs of adopting a child and all reasonable
 pregnancy-related medical expenses and living expenses of the
 birth mother. This can amount to several thousand dollars in an
 adoption search.

if I can’t afford the costs of adopting a child?

 states participate in a federal program that provides funds to
assist people who are willing to adopt a child with “special needs”
that make it difficult for an agency to place the child. In addition,
some states may help you out financially even if the child does
not have special needs. An attorney or agency in your state will
know if this kind of financial assistance is available.

 be married to adopt a child?

or not you must be married to adopt a child will depend upon the
law in your state. Some states permit adoption by married couples

 be heterosexual to adopt a child?

have different rules regarding adopt search by homosexuals or 
same sex couples. The law in this area of adoption is developing,
so it is important to consult a family law attorney knowledgeable
about family law in your state.

will an agency take into account if I want to adopt a child?

  whether to recommend allowing you to adopt a child, the
 agency will consider everything that is in the best interests of
the child – including the marital status, financial condition, sexual
orientation, age, physical, mental and emotional health, religion,
 and race of the adoptive parents. Some factors (such as race) are 
challenged occasionally, and the law is not entirely clear regarding
 which factors may be considered.

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