Consumer Rights Trouble – Got Sold A Lemon? Car Repair Scams -False Advertising – Warranty Law


Our consumer laws protect individuals against unlawful and unfair trade practices. It protects against false and misleading advertisements, false warranties and dangerous products. It also protects consumers from overzealous and abusive collection agencies. Learn how to protect yourself and your family from unlawful business practices.

Consumer Rights

Learn about the small claims process, how to legally change your name, how to protect yourself from mortgage scams, your rights under consumer health and medical records reporting agencies and discount legal services.

Products & Warranties

Know your consumer rights. Learn about consumer laws that protect your rights. What is a warranty? Can products be returned? What if I was pressured into buying a product? Can I return it for a full refund? Does a warranty have to be in writing?

Consumer Credit Counseling

Debt consolidation is a process of restructuring your existing debt with your creditors. Debt consolidation is not a loan, but a way to lower your monthly payments and lower (sometimes even eliminating) the interest you are currently paying.

Bought A Lemon? Laws To Protect You

What is lemon law? Read about what your rights are when you purchase a defective car. How does the lemon law protect your rights? Can you stop making payments on a defective car? What other consumer laws protect your rights?


Save Big By Solving Your Legal Issue By Joining A Prepaid Legal Plan.

Prepaid legal plans serve the legal needs of consumers in life-changing legal trouble. For a nominal monthly fee, you get unlimited access to quality lawyers on legal matters such as noise disputes, breach of product warranty, divorce, bankruptcy, eviction, wills, name change, Medicare and Social Security Disputes, restraining orders, nuisance, traffic violations, criminal matters, small claims advice and much more. Your lawyers will also review and draft documents, make legal phone calls on your behalf. Plus if your legal matter is not covered by the plan, you can elect to receive a 25% discount on the firm’s fee rates.   Get The Details.

Buying A Used Car – Consumer Tips

Not many people enjoy buying a used car. Learning the car buying vocabulary can help you to get the car you want at a price you can afford. Is purchasing a used car the right option for you? What should you consider when trading in your car? What are the benefits of leasing versus purchasing? Check out our helpful online resources.

Pricing Legal Services – Consumer Tips

Many types of routine legal documents can just as easily be performed by trained and supervised paralegals rather then by expensive lawyers. Paralegals are customarily supervised by lawyers and can perform many types of standard services at substantial savings compared to traditional legal fee arrangements. Learn about traditional legal fee arrangements and why on certain type of legal matters, discount legal services might be your best choice.

Consumer Privacy – Health Reporting Agencies

Collection and sale of your private health history occurs through three major private reporting agencies, Medical Information Bureau (MIB), Ingenix and Milliman. Each of these companies have developed massive nationwide health information data bases. Currently, nearly 99% of all individual life insurance policies and 80% of all health and disability insurance issued in the United States is purchased from these three companies.

Patents And Copyright – Protect Your Ideas

Learn how to apply for a patent and how to legally protect your inventions from being used by others without attribution or compensation to you. Locate discount legal services that can help you with the legal document processing of your patent. Learn how to protect your work from copyright infringement. Learn about the discount legal services available to help you with copyrighting your original work. Learn about the Copyright Infringement law and how to protect your original works through copyright law.

Want To Change Your Legal Name?

Just because you were born with a given name doesn’t mean you have to die with it. You can usually have your name legally changed in as little as sixty days. Today, people are changing their names in record number. Learn the different approaches to having your name changed and how much it might cost using a lawyer verses a document preparation service. Learn how to save big by using discount legal services and what you need to know about the law before you begin the name change process.

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