Consumer Credit Counseling

28443539_mA consumer credit counseling service is a nonprofit organization sponsored by creditors. The Consumer Credit Counseling Service wants you to repay your debts, and they think their sponsors will benefit in the long run by helping you figure out if – and how – you can do it.

If feasible, they will help you devise an overall repayment plan and will also help persuade your creditors to go along with that plan, i.e., to agree to accept lower monthly payments than you were required to pay and to hold off on any repossessions, lawsuits, or wage garnishments.

They start by helping you figure out a monthly budget designed to leave you and your family enough money to live on and use most of what’s left over to repay your bills over a couple of years. If you don’t have the income to do it, the Consumer Credit Counseling Service will tell you so.

Online Credit Counseling

Monthly Payment Reductions

Getting Sued By Creditors


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