Transforming Trouble Into Treasure…

Q.  I’m not normally someone that complains when I get hit with tough times. I was taught from an early age that when I fall, I get back up and get on with the process of overcoming whatever it was that knocked me down.

I have been doing that for nearly forty years and it’s always worked for me. However, in the past five years, my life has been in a free fall. I lost my business and my home. I had to declare bankruptcy and then my marriage of ten-years ended in divorce. Finding a job in this economy has been nothing less then a nightmare.

The successful and positive person I knew myself to be has disappeared, and with it my ability to effectively overcome life’s challenges. I eventually had to relocate and start my life all over again.

I have grown more and more depressed and I have noticed that life seems much harder for me now and my suffering has become physically and emotionally debilitating. I am not a religious person, but I am beginning to believe that behind all this suffering, there is something greater that will come from it, something I have yet been able to see or understand. Your guidance here would be most appreciated.

A. First, thank you for your honesty and heartfelt candor. You are not alone in how you feel. There are many people walking in your shoes right now. The effects of a bad economy, broken relationships and long-term unemployment are weighing heavy on millions of people every day here and abroad. It is easy to find yourself going through painful periods of long and debilitating depression and anxiety. Know however, that what you are going through will pass, you will move through these challenges and in the process you will have further evolved as a person – you will have grown into a more powerful being. It is the process of transformation. What does not kill you only makes you stronger.

The Evolution Of  Self – The Transformation Process

There is so much more going on if we consider the larger picture. Being challenged on multiple fronts, financially, emotionally, spiritually, you are learning lessons more valuable then you can possibly realize or appreciate while you are in the thick of it. And it sounds like you are.

But as you work through your challenges be aware that you are also evolving at the level of your consciousness. The single most important thing you can do for yourself in these challenging times is to remain aware that the old you must die in order that the new you can be born. Be strong, stay awake, be thankful and remain outside the conflict. If you can manage this you will avoid falling into negative, fearful and unconscious behavior.

Developing New Perspectives – Remembering Your True Source Of Power

One helpful suggestion is for you to cultivate a new perspective, one that requires giving new meaning to what is happening to you, even while you are going through all of these painful and life-disrupting experiences. This is no small task. You must be able to alter your very perspective of life. You must be willing to recognize that you are more then just you’re physical body, more then your mind, its thoughts and ego. Inside of you is the ultimate source of all that is powerful, good and creative in the universe and this is your true source identity.

In times of trouble and great challenges we must center ourselves in this great spiritual presence or risk getting caught up in spiral of fear and negativity.

Suffering And Joy Happens To Us Almost All The Time

When I was young, I was taught the aim in life was to strive for happiness and to avoid sadness at all costs. All types of sadness were to be avoided – from the pain that comes from a broken heart to the pain that comes from prolonged periods of financial hardship.

As I grew older and experienced more of life, I realized that suffering was inevitable, and sometimes even necessary in order to grow into something greater then what we currently know ourselves to be right now.


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