Moving Company Valuation Methods – Consumers Right To Know

Moving Valuation Methods – What You Need To Know Professional
 household goods movers are required to assume liability
 for the cargo they transport. The level of that liability
is up to you. Most movers offer 4 levels of liability 
and these will be reflected in their tariffs. While valuation
is a form of financial protection, it is Read more…

Intrastate Moving

 moves and those within a state are called intrastate,
and these are regulated differently than moves that cross
state borders, or interstate moves. Regulations
 covering the intrastate transport of household goods vary 
from state to state. Some states, such as Maryland, are
unregulated. In California, the California Public Utilities
Commission regulates the licensing, rates and conduct
of the moving Read more…

Relocating After Separation – Moving Services

Are moving companies the way to go? We all move from time to time, whether by choice or economic necessity. Whatever the reason for your move, you’ll need to understand what’s entailed in planning all the steps required to get yourself and your household goods from one place to another. The first thing you’ll need Read more…

Got Taken By Your Mover?

Consider this scenario: You accepted a job offer in another state. You have to move all your possessions and household goods and can’t do it by yourself. You search the Internet for “moving companies” and find a company that provides online estimates and promises to make your moving experience a pleasant one. The estimate you Read more…

Divorce Tips – Relocating And Moving Checklist

Having a moving check list
 can be an invaluable tool saving you both time & money. Have 
a moving checklist and give yourself more time than you think 
you’ll need to get organized. You’ll need it. Keep
 all documents relating to your move in a file folder or container
 so as to access them easily Read more…

Moving Services – Legal Tips

Relocating – What You Need To Know  Under
 the terms many moving forms, their terms, and systems of valuation, movers
 may try to limit their liability — even to items of particularly 
high value — unless those articles are specifically noted
and addressed in the shipping documentation. To obtain
 coverage for expensive and rare items, discuss Read more…

Timing Your Relocation – Factors To Consider

You are going to be relocating. Here are some factors to consider when might be the best time to move. In college towns, there tend to be mass migrations in early summer and again in the fall as the student enrollment turns over. In urban areas, the holiday season doesn’t usually yield a lot of new Read more…