Can You Die From A Broken Heart?

Yes. It’s Called Broken Heart Syndrome It has been said, that sharp are the arrows of a broken heart, yet few of us could imagine such a wound could actually kill us. But it can. The clinical name for this is called, “Takotsubo Syndrome.” It’s also known as Broken Heart Syndrome. Takotsubo Syndrome – The Shape Of Read more…

Divorce Mediation

Divorce Mediation Services The family
 law attorney or mediator for divorce mediation does 
not represent either one of the spouses who is going through 
the divorce, but explains the law and the result you’re 
likely to see if you can’t agree: Specifically have  the
 judge, a complete stranger, decide the case for you. It’s risky business. With divorce Read more…

What Does “Real” Verse “Personal Property” Mean In Divorce Cases?

Real property includes, but is not limited to, land, houses, buildings,long term leases… Personal property includes, but is not limited to, automobiles, clothing, computers, jewelry, furniture, and cash… Personal property can also be represented by documents, such as stock certificates, bonds, and certificates of deposit. Intangible personal property represented by contracts or agreements, such as pensions, stock Read more…

Divorce Verses Annulment

A divorce is different from annulment. An annulment is a court order
wherein it is judicially determined the marriage was not validly entered into in the first place. Divorce 
is also different from legal separation. In legal separation,
the property and support rights of the husband and wife
 are decided, but they remain legally married. If you want Read more…

Divorce Mediation – Marital Settlement Agreement – Five Issues To Consider

Divorce Mediation – Reaching A Marital Settlement Agreement When and if divorce mediation results in an agreement or settlement, known as a marital settlement agreement, the mediator has the legal power to make the agreement legally binding on both parties. In the case of family law divorce mediation, there are five issues, listed below, that you Read more…