Can You Die From A Broken Heart?

n-GRIEF-large570Yes. It’s Called Broken Heart Syndrome

It has been said, that sharp are the arrows of a broken heart, yet few of us could imagine such a wound could actually kill us. But it can. The clinical name for this is called, “Takotsubo Syndrome.” It’s also known as Broken Heart Syndrome.

Takotsubo Syndrome – The Shape Of A Broken Heart

When the heart muscle is stunned by emotional shock it can cause the left ventricle to change shape, enlarge and bulge-out from the rest of the heart. The term “Takotsubo Syndrom” originated in Japan and describes the large shape of the head of an Octopus. This disproportionate shape and size of the head are said to resemble the shape of a distorted left ventricle.

The Danger Of Acute and Unexpected Life Stressors

Unlike the classic heart attack, in the case of the Broken Heart Syndrome, there are no arterial obstructions in the heart or within its vascular structures. Rather, Broken Heart Syndrome is caused by a sudden and acute life stressor that can enlarge a portion of the heart and disrupt normal blood flow. The severity of that disruption in blood flow dictates the outcome.

The Slings And Arrows Of Emotional Turmoil

The sudden onset of the broken heart can be caused by some extreme, and usually harsh, unexpected life-event such as an unexpected divorce, a painful betrayal or the sudden loss of a loved one. It can also be caused by an unexpected job loss in which a person finds oneself suddenly destitute and facing homelessness.

Broken Heart Enlarges Heart And Disrupts Blood Flow

The physical onset of symptoms begins with acute chest pain, usually caused by the heart going into a dangerous spasm, enlarging, and ultimately causing a disruption or cessation of blood flow. If the condition is severe enough to cause cardiogenic shock, blood pressure is lost and death ensues because blood is not able to reach one’s vital organs. However, the broken heart syndrome is fairly rare and can occur in people with a healthy heart and without any prior pathology.

Prevention – Emotional Health Leads To Physical Health

While not much is known about the broken heart syndrome, medical professionals have long believed there is a strong correlation between our emotional health and physical health.

While there remains no medical cure for Broken Heart Syndrome, there are preventive actions you can take to minimize the risk by maximizing your physical and emotional wellbeing. Proven methods include regular exercise, organic diet and regular meditation and relaxation practices.

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