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48373518_mFrom a legal damages perspective, broken bones and fractures are viewed quite seriously. These type of injuries can lead to severe pain, deformity, loss of motion and, possibly, serious crippling.

The most common type of doctor to treat these forms of injuries is the orthopedic surgeon. Usually, such injuries require post-surgical physical therapy, which depending on the seriousness of the injury could last for many months. Should you pursue a legal action, your past and future medical bills and lost income are known as economic damages. Your past and future pain and suffering are known as general damages. Both types of damages are compensable in personal injury cases where your personal injury lawyer can prove liability against the person who caused the accident.

Common Types of Bone Fractures
  • Comminuted Fracture. Three or more pieces of bones are fractured.
  • Compression Fracture. Bone is crushed.
  • Spiral. Twisting Fracture. Very common is sports injuries.
  • Epiphyseal Fracture. Separates from bone plate such as the hip.
  • Depressed Fracture. The bone pressed inward. (typical of skull fracture)
  • Incomplete Fracture: Only one side of bone breaks.

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