Employee Benefits

Types Of Employee Benefits 

Most employee “benefits” include health, dental, vision, life, and disability insurance – with the insurance premiums paid partly or entirely by the employer – as well as pension and retirement benefits. Employers generally don’t have to offer any benefits to their employees. Some jobs come with benefits and some do not. If you do get benefits, however, your employer must follow certain rules. The federal law that regulates health benefits and retirement benefits is called “ERISA”. It is very complex, so you might want to contact an employment lawyer, that is an attorney who specializes in employment law, if you have a problem with your benefits.

Do I have a right to health benefits?

For employee benefits, employers usually don’t have to offer health benefits, even to their full-time workers. But, if your employer does give you health benefits, he must make good on his promises to pay your premiums. Also, he may require you to contribute part of the premium – if you know that’s part of the deal.

Must all employees get the same health benefits?

Normally, no. Your employer may choose to give some employees better health benefits than others, as long as his decision is not based on unlawful discrimination – such as refusing to give disabled workers any benefits.

Cancellation of health insurance benefits

Employment law states that your employer can’t just drop your health insurance plan without notice. He must let you know ahead of time. If he gives you notice that he is going to drop your insurance, you should think about getting necessary health care as soon as you can – before the health insurance plan ends.

If your employer doesn’t drop his entire health insurance plan, but merely drops you from the plan, you might be entitled to continue your health insurance benefits anyway – under a law called “COBRA”. If this happens, you should talk to an employment lawyer to see why you were “singled out” by the employer. If you have questions about employee benefits, contact a lawyer in your area.

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