Accident Liability Insurance

ACCIDENT LIABILITY COVERAGE Personal injuries caused by negligence are often covered by liability insurance. If you own property, drive a car or operate a business, you’re exposed to legal liability. Liability coverage is part of your homeowner’s, tenant’s and auto accident policies. People and businesses typically purchase liability insurance to protect themselves from claims arising Read more…

Minimum Age To Marry – Age Of Consent – Age Of Majority

The statutory age at which a person may legally marry without parental approval is called the Age of Consent. This term is sometimes referred to by some states as the Age of Majority. Historically, the Age of Consent term grew out of state laws in which a female can legally consent to sexual intercourse. Likewise, in many states a person below the Age Read more…

Financial Trouble, Stress And Erectile Dysfunction

Even in young men, increasing levels of stress can lead to erectile dysfunction. In a university study involving 150 cases of men suffering from erectile dysfunction, it was found that over eighty-percent of them were impotent due to psychological reasons rather then physical ones. The most common among them was stress resulting from financial trouble. Increasing Stress Read more…

Do We Need A Divorce Attorney?

 your spouse wants to negotiate a marital settlement agreement
 without a divorce attorney, should you do so? This
is generally a bad idea for several reasons. First, the
 law can be very complicated. Unless you know what your
 legal rights are, you may get a bad agreement. Second,
 in some relationships, one spouse is much Read more…