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How Is Defect Defined?

There are additional consumer protections in some states which legally require the buyer and seller to arbitrate their motor home defect disputes and allows the motor home buyer to pursue not only economic damages, but also punitive damages, assuming the buyer can prove convincing evidence of fraud or intentional misconduct. In either case, the prevailing buyer will usually be entitled to be reimbursed for attorney fees and costs.

Examples of Court Recognized Motor Home-RV Defects

The courts have recognized the following motor home problems as defects under the UCC and include, but are not limited to: defective plumbing, transmission, brakes, defective seals causing leaks into the motor home, locking up of the vehicles third axle, engine failures and over-heading defects.

Finally, under the UCC most defects not of a minor nature and which require multiple repair visits may fall under the implied warranty of merchantability. Sometimes the courts have used the term “substantial impairment” which could be defect that interferes with the safe operation of the vehicle on or off the road.

Online Resources:

Where to Obtain More Information About Automotive and Motor Home Defects:

If you believe your vehicle has a defect go online for additional information.

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