Ways Of Managing Anger

Anger Management Courses

In most states, Anger Management Courses are usually part of a court ordered program requiring the defendant of a domestic violence offense or other physically abusive crime to complete, as a condition of probation or as part of the courts imposed sentence, a certified anger management program.  Probation officers can also order these types of courses. The schools that put on these programs must be approved and certified by the state.

Learning The Warning Signs That Trigger Angry Outbursts

Anger Management is a form of therapy that helps people identify specific triggers in their  life that set off emotional outbursts of anger. The student learns ways to identify, manage and control these triggers before they erupt into full blown outbursts of anger and potentially physical violence.

Behavior Modification

Some courses employ behavior modification techniques to control emotions. It is a form of emotional conditioning in which the student, step-by-step, is taken to higher levels of stress and then, for each level, is taught to internally lower the stress through breathing and visualization techniques. The student gets the chance to practice these methods in a safe environment while learning alternative way to express disappointment and high levels of stress in nonviolent ways.

Types Of People That Are Prone To Angry Outbursts

We only need to look at the phenomena of road range to realize that certain people just can’t  control their anger. These people are typically either working or living in high stress, high conflict environments. From a clinical perspective, many of them are suffering from anxiety, depression, and even chronic pain. Others have been victims of violence themselves as children and have acquired this behavior from their parents. Still other peoples uncontrollable anger is biologically based and is best treated by a physician in a clinical setting or through medication.

Length Of Program – Number Of Hours Required

Depending on your state’s requirements, a complete anger management program is generally 10-weeks in length, which includes ten weekly sessions that run between 90-120 minutes in length . The total number of hours required for a intermediate level anger management course is between 15-20 hours of instruction.

Classes are usually offered in a small group setting (ideally 10 students or less) and in some cases may be supplemented with one-on-one counseling. The average price for such a course is about $150.00 plus a registration and materials fee.

Class usually includes a combination of role playing, lectures, group discussions, videos and videos. The core of the work is to learn effective non-violent communication strategies and self-relaxing techniques and exercises.

Distance Learning Classes

Some states permit anger management classes to be taken on the internet. Others do not. Most of the time the attitude of the person who is ordered to enroll is not unlike the person who enrolls in traffic school. Some people simply do not recognize the potential value of the course and merely sees it as a form of punishment – and the cheaper and quicker they can complete it, the better.

There are 16 hour online classes that can be completed for just under a $100.00 plus a registration fee. Before signing up for one of these courses, make sure your county permits online learning and will accept the certificate as evidence of completion of the course.

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