Alcoholics Anonymous

Since its beginnings in 1935, Alcoholics Anonymous has helped several million people in their plight for sobriety. Their focus is not to stop drunks from drinking, but to create a secure environment that supports its society of men and women who have taken the first step towards a better life against alcohol abuse. If you have the desire to quit your alcohol abuse, you are eligible to become a member.

Much of the Alcoholics Anonymous success is due to the effectiveness of the twelve-step program. Newcomers to the program are not asked to accept the twelve-step program until they feel ready too. They are only asked to attend the meetings with both an open mind and heart. There are currently two types of meetings:

Open Meetings

Meetings of this type are open to alcoholics, friends and their families that are interested in solving a personal drinking problem. The meeting typically begins with a set of AA announcements. The treasure will pass the hat for any donations to offset the cost of the meeting. Once the meeting adjourns, people are encouraged to mingle in an informal setting.

Closed Meeting

These meetings are reserved for alcoholics only. This meeting provides an arena for members to discuss each other’s experience and to share insights accumulated through the program. If you are interested in joining A.A., or would like more information please call your local Alcoholics Anonymous fellowship.

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