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Should you find yourself in legal trouble, GotTrouble is your one-stop “soup-to-nuts” legal directory providing not only lawyers, but also a wide variety of helpful information and local services.

By integrating legal services with related  private and public resources, our visitors are both informed and empowered to take-on even the most challenging of life’s legal troubles.


After twentyheadshot years of practicing law and counseling countless clients through life-changing legal trouble, it became clear that trouble, rarely, if ever, existed in a vacuum.

Legal trouble is destabilizing. It impacts almost every part of a person’s life.

Yet today’s legal directories offer little more then long lists of lawyers.

GotTrouble is the only one stop “soup-to-nuts” resource that offers not only lawyers, but a full array of related services and helpful information – such as how to  find alternative ways to borrow money, how to locate low-cost moving and storage services, how to apply for public housing, and even ways to care for your emotional and physical wellbeing in the process.

Our mission is to serve and support our visitors with a multitude of different resources all from a single website, so you can take-on the job of putting trouble where it belongs – behind you.

Henry Alan Dahut, Esq.



Help Support Our Collective Futures

Our collective future depends on making a difference in the lives of others. The nonprofit organizations described below have earned the highest scores for producing a positive social impact while being both entrepreneurial and innovative in their business practices. Together, these organizations provide education, career training and financial opportunity to millions of people in need every year.

Accion International

This company trains banks around the world to be a microfinance partners, making small loans (averaging $694) to help poor people start businesses. In the past 10 years, Accion has been responsible for over 14.5 million loans totaling nearly $10 billion to over 4 million borrowers, 65% of them women.

A Fighting Chance

This company operates small public charter schools in poor neighborhoods with curriculums that reinforce the possibility of college for all students. In 2004, every Aspire school exceeded California testing targets – a 100% achievement rate compared with the state school averages.

Bell (Building Educated Leaders for Life)

This company provides after-school tutoring for underperforming low-income elementary students. The sessions, led by public school teachers, professional mentors, and BELL’s own staff focuses on basic reading, writing and arithmetic. BELL has educated more than 7,500 children at 44 schools. Of these students, 81% improved literacy scores to “proficient.”

Calvert Social Investment Foundation

Connects financial markets to social markets by raising capital from private and institutional investors, then lending it to more than 200 social oriented organizations. Borrowers repay at a 99.8% rate, and investors get their capital back with interest, less a percentage to fund Calvert’s operations. Since 1995, Cavert’s investments have created 146,000 jobs, build or rehabilitated more than 8,000 homes and financed more than 8,400 nonprofit facilities.

Citizen Schools

Recruits more than 2,000 professionals to provide after-school apprenticeships to low-income middle-school students. During 11 weeks, kids work with these volunteers to create professional-quality products, from a solar-powered fountain to a mock trial.

Global Fund for Women

Makes grants of $500 to $100,000 to organizations advancing women’s human rights – promoting economic independence in Africa and fighting “honor killings” in the Middle East. Since 1987, Global Fund has awarded 5,135 grants totaling more than $50 million to 3,123 organizations in 163 countries.

Pioneer Human Services

Offer ex-offenders, addicts and the homeless employment and training services, counseling and safe housing. It’s 10 enterprises – including a factory that makes cargo liners for Boeing – employ people on the margins of society. Pioneer’s recidivism rate is only 6%, compared with the national average of 30%. Since 1963, it has assisted 120,000 individuals.

Raising a Reader

Encourages reading among children in poor families. Early-childhood-development specialists work with kids in classrooms and at home visits, providing bright-red bags filled with four books a week. Once children leave the program, they are given their own library cards and introduced to the public library system. These children tested twice as high as the national Head Start norm and parents report spending 471% more time reading with their kids.

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