The person in charge of a bankruptcy. In an ordinary Chapter 7 bankruptcy, the trustee’s duty is to gather and sell the debtor’s non-exempt property and divide the sales proceeds among creditors. In a Chapter 13 wage earner’s plan, the trustee’s duty is to make the payments to creditors as specified in the plan.

Deed Of Trust

A document that a lender (often a bank) receives from someone who owns property. If the owner fails to make payments on the loan, the deed of trust gives the lender the right to sell the property to get the loan repaid. Similar to a mortgage.

Examples Of Material Inaccuracies In The Notice Of Trustee Sale In Non-Judicial Foreclosures

Failure of the trustee to accurately identify the specific location and time where the auction will be held can be fatal to the sale – but be aware that in many states an actual street address need not be included if the document otherwise contains sufficient information to identify the property. Failure to provide timely Read more…

Trusts And Planning For Possible Mental Incapacity

If you become “incompetent” it might become necessary for a friend, relative, or government entity to go to court to seek the appointment of a “custodian” (called a “guardian” in some states) to manage your financial affairs. The court will then conduct a hearing to determine whether you are able to deal with your personal Read more…