Relocating After Separation – Moving Services

Are moving companies the way to go? We all move from time to time, whether by choice or economic necessity. Whatever the reason for your move, you’ll need to understand what’s entailed in planning all the steps required to get yourself and your household goods from one place to another. The first thing you’ll need Read more…

Moving Services – Legal Tips

Relocating – What You Need To Know  Under
 the terms many moving forms, their terms, and systems of valuation, movers
 may try to limit their liability — even to items of particularly 
high value — unless those articles are specifically noted
and addressed in the shipping documentation. To obtain
 coverage for expensive and rare items, discuss Read more…

Divorce Tips: Moving Services – Payment

Whether your moving because you have been relocated, lost a job or going through a divorce, you need to be thinking about the logistics of the move. One aspect is planning for payment for your moving services before you arrive at your destination. Ask 
moving companies in advance what form of payment will 
be acceptable. Depending Read more…

Divorce Tips -Moving Services – Estimates

are two standard types of estimates from moving companies:
binding and non-binding. The cost of your moving company
will be based on several factors: the weight of the goods
being moved, the distance those goods will travel and
the services (such as packing, or storage) that you require.
If you’re shopping for a professional household goods
carrier, get estimates from at Read more…

Memorial Services – End Of Life Planning

A memorial service generally describes a gathering of family and friends that takes place without the body or cremains of the deceased present. There may have already been a direct burial or cremation with a private, intimate service for only the closest of family and friends. A memorial service would be open to a much Read more…

Divorce Tips – Moving & Relocation Terminology

AMSA – The American Moving and Storage Association. This is a national trade organization that represents licensed household goods movers and agents. AMSA sponsors a dispute resolution program that offers neutral arbitration to movers and consumers as a means to deal fairly with disputes relating to loss and damage claims. Additional (or accessorial) services – Read more…

Divorce Tips – Interstate Moving

Prior Census Bureau surveys reported that in a 12-month period, nearly 45 million people relocate, and many of these moves are interstate relocations. The survey also found that divorced people are much more likely to relocate than those who remain married. In contested divorces involving the issue of relocation, most courts now focus their decision on the judicial determination of what is in the Read more…


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State Of Wisconsin Divorce Law

Wisconsin Family Law And Divorce Resource U.S. Divorce Laws are enacted by each state using their respective legislative process. Once legislation is enacted into law, the divorce courts in Wisconsin have the authority to manage the divorce proceedings, including, spousal and child support payments, custodial rights of parents and the division of community property. Since state laws are repealed Read more…