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Tenant's Rights Sponsors knows that the most contentious event in any landlord-tenant relationship is the eviction. The landlord believes that the tenant must leave, and the tenant believes that the landlord has no right to throw her out (or the tenant simply has difficulty finding another place). The landlord wants to resolve the problem quickly and cheaply. Tenant law does provide for a fairly speedy remedy (compared to other tenant lawsuits), but tenant law also protects the tenant from arbitrary actions that force her out of her home.

Landlord Threats
Find out if a landlord may threaten to lock you out or cut off your utilities. Learn what procedure he must follow if he wants to evict you. Learn your tenant rights.

Eviction Notices
Read about the different kinds of eviction notices. Discover under what circumstances it may be important to see an tenant law attorney.

Losing An Eviction Lawsuit
Learn if you will be thrown out if you lose an eviction lawsuit. Find out if your landlord can get money damages from you.

Defending Against Eviction Lawsuits
You have a few defenses available to you in an eviction lawsuit. Find out about your tenant rights and if you should seek representation by an tenant law attorney.

Facing Eviction - Tenant Rights - Homeless Resources
If you know your legal rights as a tenant, you might be able to fight off eviction while you make other living arrangements. This article looks at the landlord-tenant eviction process and the homeless resources that are available to people that have no place to go after the eviction process is over.

What if your lease is up but you don't want to move? If your landlord insists that you move, do you have to? If the landlord is practicing discrimination or retaliatory eviction, you may not have to leave. Read about the affect of rent control laws on whether or not you must move.


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